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Becoming an exchange student has never been my big dream since I was little or something like that, it all started with my friend, who told me she wanted to become an exchange student. At first I did not think about it so much, but after we had talked about it for some weeks, I started to think about it and got interested aswell. 
My mom was an exchange student too when she was young. 
She was surprised and amused over my sudden interest in exchange students and started to show me different albums from her year. I asked her a lot of questions and she told me about how it was.
But that was like 4 months ago, when I was interested but not so sure about my goal.
Now it's settled. I just wish I could know about my hostfamily sooner, I won't get any until june/july.
My choice has always been USA. 
I have always wanted to visit America, sure, I can do it any time, but I don't want to be just another tourist, I truly want to experience the real american life. It always looks so fun with high school on tv, sure, it is overrated but it still somehow gets me excited. Being on the cheer squad, the glee club or watching real american football sounds like a dream! I thought America was a great choice because I'm well aware of the language and it's quite far from here. But it also would be nice to visit a country with some other main language, so you can approve your skills in that language aswell.
If I could not go to the USA, I would want to go to Latina-America, Australia or New Zealand I think!


Hi everyone, welcome to my blog!
Here I am going to write about my year as an exchange student.
Both before (preparations etc), during and the life after this experience!
But first I am going to tell you all a little about myself.
My name is Klara Strand and I live in a small location in southern Sweden.
I am 16 years old and have just finished off 9th grade.
I start school August the 20th. 
I am going to study Social studies at International Baccalaureate, a programme with all classes in English, to prepare myself for my exchange year. 
I will become an exchange student in the USA, but I do not know where yet. 
I will travel year 2013-2014.
I know it may seem early to start a blog already, but I could not wait, I love to blog haha!
And now I have time to look over my blog and see how I want it to look. 
I have filled in my temporary application form, it got confirmed, and now I am filling in my final application form. 
It's a lot to do, you have got to write about yourself, answer different questions, send your grades etc.
I have to travel all the way to Stockholm just to get my visa.. 
I applied just recently and I am so excited! How can I wait a whole year.. 
But it will be fun to, meet new classmates and stuff. I just hope I won't regret it, but I seriously doubt that!
I think this will become an experience of a life time, one of the best decisions I will ever make.
But I have to prepare myself for that it might not (probably) be what I expected. 
I think many people imagine a big luxorious house in Beverly Hills or something like that, but then they come to a tiny house in Texas for example. I have thought that thought too, but I think it'll be fun either way. 
Many people say that if you get to California/New York for example, you won't experience the true American life in the same way as in another state. There you will be like a 'tourist' the whole year. And you may get to a school where there's so many people no one even notice you've arrived. If you get to a small town everyone will know who you are, and you will BE someone. So now I kind of want to get to a small town as much as California! But also, you can much easier visit California anytime you want as a tourist, but how often do you experience a true little american location without any tourists? 
Before my journey I do not think there will be many posts, just when something interesting happens like when I get my hostfamily and if I have any advices to you all. It would be fun with a lot of readers so tell your friends about this blog! 
If you are curious about anything you can just ask me and I am sure I will answer you!
Enjoy! (And no, I do not think my other posts will be as long as this one haha) 

My two best friends. From the left; Ebba, me and Iva.

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