Hi everyone, welcome to my blog!
Here I am going to write about my year as an exchange student.
Both before (preparations etc), during and the life after this experience!
But first I am going to tell you all a little about myself.
My name is Klara Strand and I live in a small location in southern Sweden.
I am 16 years old and have just finished off 9th grade.
I start school August the 20th. 
I am going to study Social studies at International Baccalaureate, a programme with all classes in English, to prepare myself for my exchange year. 
I will become an exchange student in the USA, but I do not know where yet. 
I will travel year 2013-2014.
I know it may seem early to start a blog already, but I could not wait, I love to blog haha!
And now I have time to look over my blog and see how I want it to look. 
I have filled in my temporary application form, it got confirmed, and now I am filling in my final application form. 
It's a lot to do, you have got to write about yourself, answer different questions, send your grades etc.
I have to travel all the way to Stockholm just to get my visa.. 
I applied just recently and I am so excited! How can I wait a whole year.. 
But it will be fun to, meet new classmates and stuff. I just hope I won't regret it, but I seriously doubt that!
I think this will become an experience of a life time, one of the best decisions I will ever make.
But I have to prepare myself for that it might not (probably) be what I expected. 
I think many people imagine a big luxorious house in Beverly Hills or something like that, but then they come to a tiny house in Texas for example. I have thought that thought too, but I think it'll be fun either way. 
Many people say that if you get to California/New York for example, you won't experience the true American life in the same way as in another state. There you will be like a 'tourist' the whole year. And you may get to a school where there's so many people no one even notice you've arrived. If you get to a small town everyone will know who you are, and you will BE someone. So now I kind of want to get to a small town as much as California! But also, you can much easier visit California anytime you want as a tourist, but how often do you experience a true little american location without any tourists? 
Before my journey I do not think there will be many posts, just when something interesting happens like when I get my hostfamily and if I have any advices to you all. It would be fun with a lot of readers so tell your friends about this blog! 
If you are curious about anything you can just ask me and I am sure I will answer you!
Enjoy! (And no, I do not think my other posts will be as long as this one haha) 

My two best friends. From the left; Ebba, me and Iva.


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